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Question / Answer: What Is The Purpose of Dreaming?  
What is the purpose of dreaming? The purpose would be to hear in the spirit and to also hear by our spirit. This can and should lead to all people hearing from God himself and to be awaken in the Spirit. The key to hearing from God is to seek him long enough to actual find God. Most that seek him will find him in their dreams. But God is big and is not limited to dreams only by any stretch. 

How are dreams interpreted? As a believer, dreams should be interpreted by the Spirit of God, also known as the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. He has also given us people a brain for us to use, to understand things like symbols, types, puns and so on. Dreams can also be interpreted by other spirits, angels and demons. For a Christian, the way of devils is forbidden as you can guess and for good reason. 

Do you think that Psychology plays any part in dreams? Psychology can play a part yes, but it is the spirit of God that is by far greater in power and might than men’s learning and understanding. Once I have seen and tasted of the spirit of God. I found his ways far greater in every way, for to see by the spirit one can see past all hurdles, hurts and pains. But I am not a Doctor of psychology so it is not a question that I should really be answering.  

One very important note to understand is that God is Holy and can only be seen by those that are holy. One can be filled by the Holy Ghost if they are holy and to be holy is to have no sin. To have no sin, is to have that sin washed away by the righteous blood of Jesus Christ. A believer that is clean from sin, are those that have once asked and repented truly from their heart to God from their sin. 

After that if they have sin, God is able by the powerful blood of Jesus to cleanse their sin, but again we must ask.  It was this sacrifice of Jesus that make a way for man and women to once again be right with God, clean, righteous and Holy. The goal then of the believer should be to find God in dreams and visions and all aspects in their life and to be led by him. So that He can be our God to love and we be His happy people to love and so on.