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Now, the tone of the voice compelled me to put the pieces together for its tone was much more pointed and firm. So with the pieces that were laying in front of me, I began to work. I could tell that there was what looked like a shoulder on the table and one side of a rib cage. I laid them together the way they should be put on a body. As I did this, I began to notice that I was now being watched by other people who were now in the room with me. When they saw what I did with the parts, they immediately began to do the same. 

One person went over to a morgue drawer, opened the drawer, and pulled out a part of a head that had parts missing off of it. The nose and the front part of the skull was not there. Now there were others that found arms under the tables, the legs were in boxes, and there were other parts scattered about and some were hidden in the room. The people all began to bring the pieces into the open and began to put together the body that was on the table.

This dream would mean that the body of Christ is not all one at a time. It is God’s will that we work our part in the church of God to find the lost and dead souls that do not know Christ, the freedom of being forgiven of sin, and the eternal life to follow. If we do our part, God will do His part and raise them up from the dead to be alive and one with Him in the Kingdom to come. 

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Voice From Heaven 
In this spiritual dream, I stood in a room which appeared to be a morgue. It had a cold, chilly feeling to it.

 As I looked around the room, I saw three pieces of a dead body on a table in front of me. Then there was voice that spoke from Heaven above me and said with a deep and direct voice, “Put the dead pieces of the body together.”

 At this command, I protested in my heart at first and thought, “This is crazy, because it is just dead body pieces! 

Then the voice from Heaven spoke again and said, “Just put it together.”