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The new computers were abandoned and they were not being used even though they were high tech and were powerful computers.  I saw young people cutting out paper dolls and paper fish with lots of paper.  They were saying one to another," No one will know and our mother will not find out."  I came with a disguise and as a friend and not as a mother.  I stood in the midst of them on the very counters that had the computers on them. There were so many paper cut outs all over that I couldn't help standing on them. I didn't say anything, but hummed with curiosity.  Then I departed into the basement and asked where the shower was.  I walked over to where a wood stove and a shower was.  I came to a door and with curiosity pushed open the door.  There were women in the room. They were half naked and in their underwear.  They were very embarrassed for their shame was found out. I closed the door between me and them.  

Again I hummed with curiosity.  Then I saw a young man come home. He had been out living and committing all sorts of fornication outside the building.  The young man was saying to himself, "No one will find out."  But he knew ones had seen.  And yet he would lie to himself saying no one had seen.  The young man went to his room which was upstairs from where I was in the basement.  Then I turned to the woodstove which was almost out.  The chimney was plugged with smoke.  I opened the door wide open.  I noticed some coals that were just about to go out, but there were a few.  Then I looked out the window from the basement and saw flames and smoke.  I heard a young man run in for he was a neighbour and friend to those in the building.  

He talked to ones in the house (the young people) whose mother and father were not there. He said, "Your building is on fire."  I heard the young ladies run out of the bedroom into the basement where I was.  They were not properly clothed. The young man ran out of his bedroom with women’s underwear on. He was committing fornications in his bedroom as well as the women. The women were having unclean relations with each other against themselves.  They turned to me and asked, "Did you start the fire?  What have you done?"  I said in my defence," All I did was open the stove door."  They asked how much wood did I throw in the stove, for they had wood themselves thinking I had thrown their wood in the fire.  I said, “I have done nothing“.  But I realized that the coals had caused a great chimney fire. I said, “I have stoked the stove and kept it going for I once lived here“.

Then the people got appropriately clothed and in their right minds. They sat down on the floor as to be taught.  Again they asked, "What have you done differently?"  I said," I have done nothing differently but opened the door“.  Then I said, “I had been invited, but not by you."  We were in the lowest part of the whole house.  Then I found myself outside.  I saw clearly that the tabernacle had many buildings inside it.  It was built to full- fill many needs and purposes.  I looked at the building that was burning, at what appeared to be the shape of a gymnasium.  I saw bright red on the doorways, trim, and foundation pillars .It was a great and beautiful building.  Smoke poured out the windows and I looked into the smoke.  I saw young men like angels.  They chose to stay in the smoke and were throwing chairs out the windows about 20 at a time.  Their love for the building was great even to their own peril and harm.  These men were trying to save whatever they could for they assumed it would all burn.  The men and women asked me to pray that it would not burn.  My prayer was, "Father have mercy on the building."  The fire was extinguished.

We went back into the building. The men and women sat on the lowest part of the building where we were the first time.  They asked me to teach them, for that place was not touched by the fire.  One third of the building was burned. They had the money that was from the insurance from the fire.  They asked me what they should do with it.  They asked if they should rebuild and start over or should they repair the great building.  I could not say for it was not my decision to make.  It was theirs to make.

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The Old Prophet Dressed in Old Robes Dream Part 2
Then I found myself in this dream to appear in another  place where I went up to a very large building, and I went to go inside and saw right away young people sneaking out and sneaking into the building thinking that no one saw them.  

But they knew that they had been seen and they would lie to themselves.  I went inside and saw on the first  floor of the tabernacle that there was much change.  It was a split level so that you could see from the third floor to the second floor.  There were work desks or stations with computer monitors in them.   

They were like brand new and had new counters and floors.