The first being prayer, then the number list, and then the symbol list. Sometimes (and that is only if I have a good relationship with the person),  I may ask that person who I saw in that dream about what I saw.  

Basically, I keep seeking and asking for the meaning of a particular number,  until I feel the peace of the Holy Ghost, that I have the right interpretation of that number in the dream.  It can be a long process, sometimes I don't particularly know for awhile until the particular dream has has been fulfilled.  I believe one of the reasons that God gives us dreams is so that we might talk and ask Him about the meaning to him.  God desires a personal relationship with each one of us.  He desires that we come to know Him.  God uses dreams to help draw us closer to Himself, as we begin to seek the answers.  It can be a real mystery sometimes, like the thrill of a hunt, or a secret treasure hidden for us to find.

This is the list that I most frequently use, to understand and interpret the numbers in my dreams.  I did not create this list  but I have added to it over the years as more numbers have come to my understanding. This is only a guide, the interpretation still belongs to the Lord.  And we have to talk to Him about the understanding.

The Dream Numbers Meanings list

1.The number  one means, day one thousand years in spiritual time,unity, beginning to work

2. The number  Two means union, Division, Witness, New and old testament in contrast to each other, Man and Women two as one flesh.

3. The number  3 means resurrection, divine, completeness, perfection, Trinity, life, men child, Godhead

3½. half of a week, week cut short, the three and a half years; Daniel, Revelation

4. The number  four means creation, world, testing, all inclusive body of Christ, that which continues into eternity, Kingdom

5. Five, grace, God’s goodness, five for the Ministry, five evil Kings

6. Six, weakness of men, evil of satan, man, beast

7. Seven, Completion, Spiritual perfection, Rest, Full week

8. Eight, new birth, new creation, new beginning, circumstance

9. Nine, fruit of the spirit, divine completeness from the lord, manifestation of the sons of God

10. Ten, Testimony, Law, responsibility, commence, Divine government, building faith

11. Judgment, disorder, confusion, insufficiency

12. Governmental perfection, Twelve tribes of Israel

13. Rebellion, Depravity

14. Deliverance, salvation

15. Rest

16. Love

17. Victory, 7 over 10, spiritual and natural perfection

18. Bondage, Antichrist

19. Faith

20. Redemption, Holy of Holies

21. Exceeding sinfulness of sin

22. Light

23. Death or Dead works. 

24. Priesthood, Seats and Elders before Gods throne. Rev 4:1-11

25. Forgiveness of sins, fullness of grace, testing

26. Gospel of Christ

27. Preaching of the gospel

28. Eternal light

29. Departure

30. Blood of Christ, dedication, redemption, (pieces of silver), beginning of the Ministry

31. A number like this can be the meaning of 30 + 1. So it could go like this. One is the price of dedication to start a Ministry frist and thrity means Minstry.

32. Covenant

33. Promise, fulfilled

34. Naming a son

35. Hope

36. Enemy

37. The Word, word of God

38. Slavery

39. Disease

40. Trials, fullness of testing, fasting, destroy

41. Can be 40+1

42. Israel’s oppression, the lord’s advent, 

43. 40 + 3 The number 40 used quite often in the Holy Bible of add three
to 40 it not a streach. 

44. 40 + 4 or 4 Doubled 

45. Preservation

50. Jubilee, Anointing, Holy Spirit, Passover, Slaves set free, Fresh start,

60. Pride

66. Idol worship, # of Books in the Bible

70. universality, Israel, resurrection

100. Gods election of grace, children of a promise

119. Resurrection Day, the lord day

120. Divine period of probation, end of all flesh

144. Spirit guided life. 12 Times 12 Holy city.

150. Strength of flesh

153. Fruit bearing, body of Christ

200. Insufficiency

300. The Cross

365. Age of Enoch

600. Warfare, The age and years of Noah when the flood had ended.

666. Number of the beast, Antichrist, flesh, the Pope to some (year 667 AC declares he is mediator between men and God), Trinity of evil one

777. All the years of Lamech the father of Noah. Genesis 5:31

888. First resurrection saints, trinity of the new creation

930. Age of Adam

969. The years of Methuselah the oldest man that ever lived.

1000. divine completion, the glory of that, one-day to God

1290. days = year 1967 seven-day war, Israel becomes a nation

1335. days = year 2012 ? blessed

7000. 7 days, 2000 years after Christ, 4000 before Christ from Adam

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The meaning of numbers in dreams  may have significant weight  in  the interpretation.  Like with any symbol, numbers, colors,  animals, insects, plants, etc. ,  they may vary in interpretation depending on the context in which  they are seen. For example let's use the number of five,  it could be five years or days, if you saw it  in a context of time. 

Now  if you saw it in the context of  five ministers, slaves, or servants, it would typically be speaking of five ministries, chiefly being apostles, prophets, evangelist, teachers and pastors. I  frequently find numbers in my dreams, and  when I do, I typically go back  to  the number list, to see if they are is a connection  to that number and  my dream.  I begin to weigh  the dream on a few different fronts.
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