It was beautiful. Then I also saw blood in the coin. I saw as like in French Revolution were all of that leaders lost their heads. I stood looking at that coin and wondering what this meant. As I stood looking at the coin and still rubbing it, for I felt compelled to rub it. An Angel that was of great stature came to me, he was about seven or eight feet tall and towered over me. 

He was gentle and first said to me to stop rubbing the coin and leave it alone. He began to explain the coin to me, that it was a wonderful.
I asked him what I had seen in it. He said it was a revolution coin and it was to do many things for me to come. I then asked him why it turned from gold to silver when I rubbed it. He said that many of the Saints of the Lord rub the coin not knowing what they have is gold! 

Then I had understanding that when we are in a golden realm,  we keep going back thinking that we have to be redeemed again by the silver realm. Before the angel left, I desired to know more about the coin but he explained to me that he was short of time and that I had to go. I could tell that he was concerned about my safety like he could see the trials I would face in front of me. He led me out the doors onto the streets. As we left the bank door he went towards my left upwards and disappeared. 

Then I saw my cousin Kelly and his wife Kerry and I chased after them but they ran away. Then I noticed that there were reddish-orange haired men chasing me. So I fled into what appeared to be a bathroom.  I was very terrified of them for they had knives in their hands. After a while I knew that I could not stay in there.

I would have to face them even if it meant that I would die and be killed by them. When I opened the door, I stood there ready for them. They were surprised that I would dare to open the door for up until that point, they were trying to break the door down to get me. With  knives in their hands to kill me, for the coins that I possessed, but I would face them.
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 Dream of 50 Pennies in the Bank
In  this dream I was at the bank standing at the counter giving 50 pennies into the bank but it was as if I was in a sleep or sleepwalking. Then I awoke and I began to see what I was actually doing and I said “No, I don’t want put them into the bank,” so the lady at the desk give them back.  I looked at what she had given me. She had given me 50 pennies and a dime which was silver. 

Then I saw that one of the pennies was a revolution penny and it was different from the others.  As I began to rub it between my finger and thumb, I began to see gold and silver and a wonderful city of ivory.