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Meanings of the Treasures in Our Dreams Gold, Silver Gems Coins

  • Silver - redemption, has value like people but like people on earth can be tarnished with sin, Median and Persian Empire

  • Uranium or seen as a green fog - Great Power, Authority, that needs to be restraint, needs to be contained otherwise it is deadly, also can be very daemonic in the form of ghost like spirits.

  • Gold or Silver Coins - Purchasing power for the flesh, but if gold, silver or ivory it would also have inner value like your soul, that can be love, joy, have faith. The price we sometimes pay for love, and faith can cost being hurt and can painful.

The Meanings of Gem stones in Dreams

When ever I see one of the gem stones in one of my dreams I am always in awe. Generally I have found that gems stone in dreams and what I have found in  Bible is that they have a group meaning and a individual meaning.

A group meanings in general would be - Glory, Glories, Beauty, a unique reflector of light, wealth, value, splender

Amethyst - Royal priesthood

Pearl - Gateways into the kingdom (like love, hope, to show mercy, etc.) truth

Jade - Hope

Jasper stone- Glory of God, Brightness, Beauty

Diamond - Hardness, Brilliancy, Can cut all the other stones, reflects light into a rainbow

Emerald - Saints, Glory

Sapphire- Beauty, hardness

Topaz- Beauty

Rube- Preciousness, glories, Virtuous (woman)

Foundations of the Holy city recorded in the book of Revelation.

1 Jasper
2 Sapphire
3 Chalcedony
4 Emerald
5 Sardonyx
6 Sardius
7 Chrysolite
8 Beryl
9 Topaz
10 Chrysoprasus
12 Amethyst

Breastplate of Judgment recorded in the book of Exodus, with the twelve sons of Jacob  there was a stone for each one. Later they became the twelve tribes of Israel.

Reuben =Sardius
Simeon =Topaz
Levi = Carbuncle
Judah= Emerald - Judah Meaings the lion.
Zebulun = Sapphire
Issachar = Diamond
Dan = Ligure
Gad = Agate
Asher = Amethyst
Naphtali = Beryl

Joseph = Onyx - Redeemer of The people 
- Also the meaning is A Symbol of Jesus the
 redeemer of all man kind. God is like Gold
 in that it has great value.

Benjamin = Jasper - Benjamin Means double

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Sardius, Topaz, Carbuncle

Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond

Ligure, Agate, Amethyst

Beryl, Onyx, Jasper

Brass - Judgment against sin, strength 
  • Greece Empire and/or Alexander the Great of Macedonian (550-336 B.C.)

  • Gold in dreams can have meanings - perfection, perfect, sinless, God,  Pure Gold is transparent, is heavy, and of great value. Babylon's Empire (2000-1580 B.C.)

  • Iron - Able to brake in pieces with strength, to subdue, inflexible rule, Judgment
Roman Empire (146 B.C. - 138 A.D.)

  • Ivory - Beauty, Wealth
Gold Coins