• Cows -  People, wealth, time like in years, two cow would be like two years of wealth.

  • Cats - Small or house cats, seen in dreams mean, evil spirits, devils, the good side would be to bring comfort. 

  • Bear - Fear or Authority

  • Deer - Timid, Swift, Gentle, Sensitive, can out run its enemy, to flee

  • Dogs -  Unbelievers, religious, hypocrites, man's best friend, people pleasers, false ministers that bit and rark oders to the point that there people are afaid to move by faith. Thay do not love, or serve like they should.

  • Horse - Strength, power to hole above the earth, to help war in the sprit, to help you move fast to and away

  • Lamb - Christ the Lord Jesus the sacrifice for sin, new believers, new in Christ

  • Pelican - Lonesome bird, This meaning you could fell alone.

  • Sheep -God's people, Mature Saints 

  • Lions -  Saints of God, true leadership, kingship or royalty, judgment, bold, strength, Lion of the tribe of Judah, Jesus the Lion and the lamb.

  • Hyena - I think this one in almost always reflects a upside down authority, that kills the weak and  wounded, hater of true authority, a Lion's enemy, mockers. 

  • Snake - Devils or demons, evil, eaters of dust (man was made from dust, devils are a sore enemy to the body.)

  • Rats - Evil, theif, devils, destoyer of crops, white rats would be religous spirits mimick the true goodness, not righteous or Holy. If rats are not dealt with quickly they will increase in numbers and destroy the good you have. If you have a dream about rats be an the lookout in your life for thing that are robbing your good and them gaurd them with prayer.

  • Fly or Flies - Lies, feeder of death and the wounded soul, War, If you see flies in dreams in sworms, the sworms cloud are vision thay feed on are wounded and unhealed parts of are soul. Unforgiveness can be a big wound becouse people can cause us so much pain and wound us so deeply, it makes it very hard to forgive. I just say forgive them for thay no not what thay do. Just let it go so you can heal. The rest let God be the judge for them and us. If we show mercy, then God will show us much mercy in return.

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The Meanings of Animals in Dreams Interpetation, Lions, Lambs, Dogs, Rats, Cats
The meaning of a animal in a dream can be vast, but what needs to be understod in the nature of them for a good amimal dream interpetation.  A lot of animals can be a symbol of a man or woman because we were created on the 6th day as is the account in the book of Genesis.

 It will be the nature of the animal that we would be looking for here like if its cold blooded or warm, grass or meat eater. Clean or unclean according to the law of God. What is the nature to the beast that was seen in the dream?