- Another common interpretation of wearing old rags is self-righteousness, which is not the true righteousness of God Being Clothed in White Robes in a Dream:

 - Means the righteousness of saints or being clothed in righteousness, which is found in the book of Revelation.

Dreaming of Me Being A Prophet   

In this dream, I looked and saw some councillors or elders talking one to another. They were making me aware of the fact that I should be very careful that I be not deceived in my heart about a wrong spirit that was trying to deceive me. I appeared to understand with wisdom what they meant. I appeared to have the spirit or heart of an old prophet. (At times, I was the old prophet and at other times, I was looking at him from a distance.) 

As the councillors talked with me, two men brought a lame young man that was paralyzed from the neck down. This young man said that he wanted to help me however he could.  I looked very different and was an old man with a long beard, yet I had much strength.  My clothing looked like a robe that you would wear in the Middle East. The robe was a greyish-brown color.  I was indeed a old prophet or had the spirit of an old prophet.  I turned from the counsellors and put my attention solely onto the lame man who had been laid on the ground.  The lame young man could not walk at all, being that he was paralyzed, so I grabbed him by his right ankle and foot with one hand.  I started to drag him through a canyon which had no water in it, yet the canyon looked like it had been cut through by water at one time.  As I dragged this man by the heel, it was like I testing him. So I would drag him over every rough spot I could find in the canyon, mostly over the loose rocks. The lame young man did not say a word and did not cry out as he was being dragged along.  

I came to a place in the canyon that had several big rocks that were about 6 feet high.  There was one overhanging rock about 5 feet thick and 8 feet long.  I dragged this man under the overhanging rock and let go of him.  I went a bit further and turned around. There were many people, or what looked like good spirits, that were witnesses, like a cloud of great fog. These people were peering in on me over the cliffs of the valley to my left.  I raised my hands over my head and started to speak to the young man that was lying under the rock.  I said, "You are a liar, and you will surely die between the rocks for your heart is not right in this matter."  As I spoke each word, the earth shook as if there was a great earthquake. These earthquakes were caused by my words that came out of my mouth. The place was a very dry desert.  I knew the man would die between the rocks even though I did not see happen. 

Part 2 to be Continued Prophet Dream...

This is the end of the first part of this dream. Here are some key points. 

Both the young and the old man in the dream were showing me parts of my life.

Paralyzed Dream Interruption 

-The lame young man in the dream who was paralyzed, meant he was unwise and he had no works. The lame man would also mean that the works of God are alive inside his heart, but are dead in the body and he is unable to do the works of God.

“Faith without works is dead,” says the book of James in the Bible. At the time I had this dream, I was trying to please people so that I could get a position inside the church as an elder or deacon. The problem with this was that I was not looked on by the church leadership as ministry material, mostly because I dreamed. The dreaming was there, because I prayed long and hard. Father God chose to answer my prayers and questions mostly though dreams, just like He had done in the Bible. We should work to please God first not man. Many times that cost is vary high when we are young in faith in Him.

A Voice that Sounds Like Thunders or Causes Earthquakes 

- This means that there is power in the words that you speak. Sometimes, a voice like thunder is God’s voice. When thunder comes out of your own mouth, it can mean that you speak by the Holy Spirit. 

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Understand the meanings of the dream below, I had some years ago I hope will be a help to you. The meanings of old robes would be interpreted mainly in two ways: Being Dressed in Old Robes or in Simple Brown Robes in a Dream: 

- Means being clothed in humility 
- Or the Meaning is to become humble

Being Dressed in Old Rags in a Dream: 

- On the other hand, the meaning of being dressed in filthy rags in a dream would mean being dressed in un-repented sin. If you have seen in this in a dream, just ask God to show the sin then repent quickly and turn from doing this sin in your life. This is an area in life  that we all have to work hard at. 

Meanings Of Dressed in White Robe Dream Interpretation: Old Robes Prophet  

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