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So simply put, the color grey typically means- a mixture or confusion. You may be familiar what the expression, “That’s a grey area.” Sometimes, we know what is the right choice to make, but there is a part the just does not seem to fit with the righteousness and love that is working in our lives. In the Bible, you can find a list of what love is. Look at 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. In situations of confusion, we have to seek God to bring true clarity, and to shine His light to brighten the dark areas. God’s light will bring clarity to these “grey areas”.

Meaning of the Color Pink in Dreams Interpretation 
As with the interpretation with the color grey, pink is much the same way. The color pink is made by mixing red and white together. Pink could mean false suffering and false righteousness. The times in which I have seen pink in a dream, meant people chose the easer way. It meant they would not do the good works which the Lord wanted them to do. An example of this would be to listen to what the preacher says on Sunday morning in church, but yet not following through and putting into practice what we heard. It is hard to seek God in our own closets and to put sin out of our lives, (or to even try). It is easer to just listen and hear about faith, without having to do works the Lord has for you to do. 
At this time, I do not know what the good or positive meaning of pink would be. I hope you will remember that I am also a student of the faith and yet have much to learn from the good Father, who is God. 

Meaning of the Color Red in Dreams
What does the color red mean in a dream? Most importantly, the color red symbolizes the blood of the Lamb, (being Jesus Christ, the Son of God). Red means suffering, or to suffer. Jesus was willing to suffer and shed His blood for us by dying on the cross to wash our sins away. Red also means life and to be alive. The blood that is red in our body’s keeps us alive. Red can also mean the shedding of blood as in war or murder. But it is important to note, that God commanded us to love one another. God’s word does not tell us to cause bodily harm to another person or to ourselves and likewise dreams are for the most part metaphors, types, analgises and symbols. They help us to learn his principles of Love. And this Love is to do good to all, forgive, to be kind, be merciful and the list good on.

The interpretation of all dreams for a Christian,  it is to grow in the righteous works of God, this is what dreams should encourage us to do. Righteous works are simply to be at peace with all men the best we can, to defend the weak, and most importantly - to love. If the dream does not help you to move in the great treasures of God (like Love, Faith, Hope, Humility, ect.) and to serve the Lord and others with a good heart, then cast that dream far from you. Try all dreams with the fire of rightness. The point of a dream is to get you closer to God. When we draw closer to Him, the wonderful peace and joy that can only be found in God will be there.  

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Meaning of the Color Dream Interpretation Grey, Pink, Red   
What is the meaning of the color grey, when you see it in a dream? 

To answer this question, let’s start with some color basics. If you mix the colors, black and white together, they make grey. So grey is neither black nor white, but a mix of both colors. If you’re seeing the color gray in a dream, it could be symbolizing confusion. Sometimes in our lives, we find ourselves in confusing situations where it is really difficult to know just what exactly is the right decision to make. 

There seems to be no, simple right (symbolized by  the color white) or wrong (symbolized by the color black) answer to the situation. It can feel like there is a lot of confusion (symbolized by the color grey) going on. 
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