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February 2005
I found myself standing on a beach, looking towards the sea.  Then I felt someone coming up behind me so I turned to see who it was. It was the Lord Jesus the Christ.

He was walking towards me and then passed by me in the direction of the sea. I knew that He wanted me to follow Him. So I follow him into the sea, until I was in the water just above my waist. There was a pitch black pillar that was standing out of the sea (it was like a Egyptian obelisk).  It had a point on the top of it with four corners like a Pyramid on the top of a cylinder.  It was about 12 feet tall and about 2 feet in diameter. 

We walked up to the obelisk. Then Jesus put out His hands on either side of it like to hold it. When Jesus did this with his hands, immediately my hands were on it in place of His.  My hands were drawn to it like a magnet. When my hands did this, my hands were on either side of the pillar. It was cold to the touch. Then the pillar started to grow taller very fast out of the sea, until it went way into the sky and into lighter clouds.

I saw the outline of the corner of a building that was in the clouds with the outline of the roof  overhanging the corner of the building. As the black pillar grow into the clouds next to this building, it started to break off the wood or clay shingles off this house, because the pillar had grown along the wall and hit the shingles that were on the roof. When I saw this I thought that this was not good, so I pulled the black pillar away from the roof with my hands.  

Now only the first 12 feet of obelisk was hard like a rock, but all of the new black stuff was soft like hard play-dough. So when I pulled the pillar away, it all came crashing down into the sea and started to build up under the sea, except for the12 foot black piece stayed above the water like at the first, but I knew that underneath the water, it was still growing and building up. At this moment, I noticed that the Lord Jesus had already started to make his way back to the island shore. I turned immediately and started to follow Him back to the beach shore.  I kept looking back at the pillar to see what would happen to it. When I was about halfway from the pillar and shore, the hard part of the obelisk then fell and went under the water as well. 

When I got back onto the shore, the Lord led me to a middle aged lady, then Jesus disappeared right in front of my eyes. I asked the woman what the name of the island was, she said, “Darof” or (Davor).  It was a name I had not heard before so I asked her again and she repeated it {I wish I had made better notation of the name she said}.  

From there, I went to the top of some rocks that were higher on the Island and I looked down towards the west and saw two small boats.  They were saying, the one to the other, “what would happen when the waves from the sea and rocks of the sea crash upon the island.”  The one said to the other “none would survive” but the other said “those that be high on the rock would not be hurt by the rocks or the water that would fly up out of the sea.” When he said this, it was like I could understand that black pillar that I had made grow, would explode out of the water with great fury and violence with rocks, water and waves. The people that were along the beaches would not survive. 

From there I went to the top of the island, where there was a home cut out of the rock. There were rooms in it and stairs cut out of the rock all around facing the centre like a theatre. I also saw a sister in the Lord there that I did not expect to see there for I thought that they had “issues in there life.” Then I was told by one that stood by, to go to the TV that was  in the centre of the Theatre like room. The TV was like an open vision being the size of about 6’x 6’ in length. When I looked at the TV, I saw a man that was inside of a restaurant like McDonald’s.  He was taking the garbage off the tables and putting it in a black garbage bag.  
It was as if he could see that someone was watching him, he looked at me but could not see me. He then kept on putting the garbage in the bag.  I knew that this garbage would be his food.  The restaurant was like a North American restaurant.  It was abandoned, like it had been looted and everyone was gone.  The restaurant looked like a great recession. I wondered at the meaning of what this  that I had seen mean.

I hope to give some of my thoughts of the meanings on this dream at so point soon in 2009. 

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The meaning of the Obelisk in dreams symbolized idols or idol worship. The Obelisk is to the sun god Amon Re. The Egyptian believed the god existed in the obelisk structur it self.  

Today Rome is that false god. Having that obelisk in saint peter's square? Rome is know as the obelisk capitel of the world, this makes Rome the "idol" capital of the world.  There are 30 that stand world wide today. We as Christians are to worship no other God, but God alone it is what sets us apart from the world.

But in the end you will have to make up you own mind of the meanings of all dreams, that is how it works. You will need to see what I say is true and not a lie for yourself. I do try my vary best to help you understand dreams and the spirit of the living God above. Yet, I am still human.
The Meaning of The Egyptian Obelisk in Dreams: Jesus Dream