Frogs in Dreams Christian Interpretation What is the Meaning  


And no one can stand to be around when they die. While the frogs are yet alive, they give no rest to the soul for they fill your bed at night and rob your sleep. They are in your soup and in your shoes. You eat them and think they are a good T-bone steak. And if a true steak was given, you would think it was an angel of light. How can we know the different between the doctrines of devils’ and the doctrine of the Spirit of God?  The Bible tells us that we will know them by their fruit. It says that you don’t get figs from a thorn bush. We will be able to distinguish between the doctrines by the kind of fruit that they bear. To be quite honest when I come across doctrines of devils’, they do seem to have life in them just like there is life in a thorn bush. It is the fruit the makes the difference.

Some of the strongest doctrines of devils’ today are against the spirit of faith. Moving in the gifts of faith are like praying for the sick and seeing real results. 

Here is a doctrine of devils’ that needs to fall in our time and hour. I call it “the two witness doctrine”. It was here before Jesus the Lord walked the earth. And He faced it in His ministry. The way this doctrine works is that people in leadership will put their blessing on the works that the Lord has set before you to do by faith before the work is even started. Almost always, there is no witness given even after it is clearly a work of righteousness. This takes so many of the great works faith out of play before they are ever started. We begin to look for the approval of man instead of the approval of God.

William Tindal, who translated the Bible into English, is an excellent example of good works. Yet leadership burned Brother William Tindal at the stake for being a heretic they said. The great work of translating the Bible would have never even been started, had William waited for their second witness. He died for that work of faith. The works that William did have many more witnesses today that testify that his works were good and bear good fruit even to this very day.  

Seek to do the good works that God sees. These works should fulfill the Word of God. If you do not know where to start, begin with loving the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, and body. God will lead the way to do righteous works of faith and fulfill the commandments of Jesus. They are the river of God. You do need to be full of the Spirit of God to see the greatest works.  
You can read in your Bible more about the plagues of Egypt in Exodus chapter 8. The plague of frogs was just one of the ten plagues that came from hand of Moses, the man of God in this story.

Some of the fruits that we are looking for are:
Peace, etc.    
To do God's will can be very painful for the moment, but it is like a blink compaired to eternal life in the kingdom of God.


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Just as a reminder the the interpetion comes to the seek of the father and his ways. The interpretion can be diffrent for person to person, and my hope is that God makes clear what I could not. 

Frogs are like doctrines of devils’ that are built on some parts of a truth from a previous understanding. It is like the frogs lay their eggs in the sloughs of stagnant religion and lies. These sloughs are made in much the same manner as sloughs are made from oxbows in nature. The river of God will always flow to people who do not resist God’s ways, His love, or His Spirit.  When we resist the river of God’s Spirit which is received by faith, we become a slough and breeding ground for a plague of the devil’s doctrines. The thing with devils of this sort, is that they come to steal, kill, and destroy. They take that which was once a clean river and turn it into a stinky, polluted slough. If these sloughs are not renewed and reunited with the moving, flowing Spirit of God, they will cause a religious plague that will stink when the frogs die.

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