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That second pile had two or three keys on it with silver coins five or six or so each pile had different measures of keys and coins it had only about half the dust the first one had on them like they had not been there as long as the other ones but had been there for quite some time. The last pile had the same but no dust on the keys, coins and wallet. There was also a lot of loose paper money, on all three pales different denominations but had no order on the mantle. When I saw the money I put my hand through this transparent wall.

I proposed in my heart to go for the paper money, the angel stead by and harshly rebuked me and said “Do not touch that money”. When he said this I immediately withdrew my hand and thought for a second. Then I said to him, “could I take the wallet, keys and coins off mantle and out through the clear wall and put them on the table that was the behind us so that those that could not see the mantle and that which was on it could see it easily on the table”. The Angel then said “You may, that  is good”. so I put my hand through the veil again and pulled the coins, keys and wallet that had no dust on them out. I put them on the table like I had said, except for the loose money I did not touch. 

Then I saw the brother that passed by the table had very small thin white wallets in their back pockets. One of the brothers came near to the table to see what I had put on it when he saw the black wallet he was appalled, he turned with disgust and was as if he was to throw up he was absolutely disgusted with me and the wallet. 

Then I could tell that they assumed that their thin white wall of was right and enough because it was white and looked right. The one that I had was black and hard to be understood.

Comment: I think some thinks have been hid for some time and now is the time for it to be seen. But like in the days of Jesus, he said things and did things that was hard to be understood. Those that be wise understand and test the spirit.

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I stood before a fireplace that had a wood mantle above it with an angel of Lord God beside me in this dream. Now the fireplace was behind a clear transparent wall that I could see yet  many of the brother that walked by it could not see it like you had to have eyes to see it. 

On the mantle I saw three piles of the things separate from each other, in each small pile were three things. Black Keys, silver coins and one black thick wallet. 

The first pile had two or three keys silver coins may be eight or ten and a black wallet with them, with a great deal of dust on the things. 
Dream of Fire Place Mantel and  Angel of God