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 I was terrified. Then he removed his hand  and the bears disappeared.  He said to me, “There is no bears.”  When he put his hand again to my shoulder, I saw bears again and was terrified again. As he removed his arm, again the bears disappeared and my fear disappeared.  Then he said, “The bears do not exist”.

Be Not Afraid Dream

The presence of the lord was heavy on me in the middle of that afternoon so I went to lay down for a nap. I soon fell asleep and I found myself with the Angel of the Lord, who is usually with me in many of my dreams. 

There was a sister in the lord mocking  me the saying with a loud voice, “Nakia you are just all full of fear, you are full of fear”. She was floating around as she kept repeating this. I was very troubled inside and felt afraid. Then I  saw the Angel, he said, “Don’t be afraid”.  I then said, “but I am afraid”. 

Then he turned to me and looked me in the eyes with his piercing powerful eyes and said with seriousness in his voice, “Nakia you are not to be made afraid”. 

Then he put his hand out with the palm towards me with force and put it into my heart and commended with a powerful voice saying, “Be not afraid”! When he did this I walk up I was very weak and my arms hummed like if you hit a Bell. 

There was more things said by this angel but Lords presences was so strong on me at that time, that it was hard for a me to remember the rest that was said but something changed in me. Thing just do not make me afraid like they did in the past.

I was taken to the most beautiful valley with a stream running through it and mountains were in the background. There were approximately 5 angels that sat on the ground beside me.  Then one of the angels who had taken a seat on the ground beside me to my left,  began to speak to me peaceably.  

He said,  “Look into the hills.”  So I looked into the hills and I saw a beautiful, peaceful valley. Then he said “Look again.”  This time when I looked, he touched my shoulder with his right hand. This time it wasn’t just a beautiful valley, but bears came in swarms out of the hills and started coming towards us. 

The Meanings of Bears dream: Fear Dream
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