These are common questions which are asked for a good reason and really, who wants to see what a devil would show? The thing is, so many people get focused on where the dream comes from that they never search any dream out. The answer, which we find in Proverbs is, "…the honour of kings is to search out a matter". If you seek God and find that the dream is from the devil, then just spit it out like a bone that you might find in your bowl of chicken soup. Jesus also ran into the devils along His journey here on earth. 

Dreams are like open doors to the spirit, the soul, and the mind. First, we should ask God to cover our sleep and dreams by the blood of  Jesus, who is the Holy Lamb and the Son of God. Seeking God in all things is very important, not just in dreams. Dreams help us to seek God because we have a question to ask Him. When we ask God. “God, where are you?” He will answer, as His sheep learn to hear His voice, and only follow the Lamb of God, Jesus. If it is God’s voice, you will know it by the good fruit, like love, hope and faith. This does take time, so don’t lose hope.

Where are you God? When one can’t hear God by faith, then we often times need to repent from a sin or sins in our life, because God is holy. Simply ask, with a honest heart by faith, that the blood of Jesus would wash the sin in our life away. Then ask God to heal our deaf ears, our blind eyes, and take away our proud hearts of stone. This is one of the first steps we need to take to get into the place of hearing Him. Once sin is set in order and washed away, we need to seek God in prayer diligently if we are to find Him. 

Sometimes, there are dreams that would bring a correction to our life, to the point it may feel like it is from a devil. Sometimes, the truth can really sting. With that there is one thing to keep in mind; God loves us and desires His best for us. This means that we may have to grow and change. If our heart is to grow in love, forgiveness, and to serve people, it will hurt at times. To serve others can be a thankless task.  Because of this, it is hard to grow deep and to have more love for others. Seek God and you to will know if dream is from the devil, because as you get closer to God, you will find that the devil gets more bold. God will send more help your way at that point, if you are patient and when you really need it. 

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What if the dreams are from the devil, and where are the dreams from God? 

At times I dream in bunches, as in 5 dreams per night.  Some of these dreams just might be from the devil, some come from God and some from your own heart.

In the Bible, we find that Daniel and Joseph both said, "Does not the interpretation belong to God?" I have found from experience that it does not matter so much where the dreams come from, but it does matter how to interpret them.  The answer of where the dream comes from is answered in the interpret when it is sought and found. Some have asked, “How do I know that I am not being deceived by a dream?” and “What if the dream is from the devil?”
What If The Dreams Are From The devil? Where Are You God? Seek to Find Him