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Jacob could interpret the dream in part, because he also had once dreamed, and perhaps he had more dreams that are not written in the Bible. Jacob’s dream is found in Chapter 28 of the book of Genesis. There are many more dreams written for us to search out, but for the sake of space I will only use these two references. 

So what do most Christians believe in regard to dreams and visions? Well not a lot, other then how to treat a dream if we run into a dream or if we bump into someone who is sure they saw something from God in a  dream. All too often, we treat them just the same way that Joseph’s brothers treated him.

We, as Christians, can be a funny batch sometimes, when it comes to what we believe. I believe the Apostle Paul faced this same problem and said it this way, “I preach Christ and Christ crucified”. Paul was trying to bring things down to the foundations of our faith, which carry far more weight than the many revelations from dreams, visions, and the gifts of God. Paul also said it this way; if he did not have love, then he was nothing at all. 

So to the dreamer and to the Christian that meets up with the dreamer, the answer is, love. To the dreamer, is there good fruit in the dream that helps one to learn to love more, or increases one’s faith? Do the dreams answer questions of the hope that is set before us? Joseph had spiritual dreams and they came to pass in their season, years after he had dreamt them. In the day in which the dream was fulfilled, Joseph showed great love to his brethren, even after they had mocked him and sold him out years earlier.

To the one that meets a dreamer in question, you are to test the spirit of the dream. Test all spirits. Did the dream help that dreamer grow in love? Do they now pray more?  Do they seek God? Did God just answer a question with the dream? Perhaps the answer is still yet to come. Sometimes our dreams are like Joseph’s dream, it was years away and could not be fully understood at the time, yet it was fulfilled and to the saving of many souls.    

With that said, we were made by God to learn, grow, and understand deep spiritual things. Yet, if we put no effort into growing in love, hope and faith, (these being the keys to a solid Christian walk in Christ), then we will really fall short of God’s plan for our lives. Dreams or no dreams, it is the wonderful fruits of righteousness that we look for in each of us, as we test all spiritual matters

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Dreams that are Found in the Holy Bible: Joseph
There were many of the saints of God that were dreamers (over 20) and you can find their dreams and stories written and found in the Holy Bible. 

Sometimes, we do not think about it so much as these saints, having dreams as we are reading through the stories; we tend to think of these people were super spiritual individuals, living in super spiritual places. And yet to many Christians, dreams and dreamers are of little value? 

This is often because we do not ask God the simple question, “What does a dream mean?” If we ask and seek God, we could be surprised to find out that some of our own dreams are also spiritual.

Joseph had spiritual dreams, and his father, Jacob, could interpret the dreams. You can find this story in Genesis chapter 37.