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This is me Peter Mast and my wonderful wife Joy. We are also blessed with 7 wonderful Children that keep us jumping.

James 3:2 For we all offend in many things. If any man offends not in word, the same is a perfect man,... 

I do my best to not offend but forgive me if I do.


I am not a medical physician.  I do not have any degrees in medical studies or in dreams.   I am not a registered Pastor, a Rev, Elder or a Deacon.  I am not providing any type of medical advice.  I am merely giving back the things I have learned from life, in dreams and the word of God, and the Holy Bible. I am just one part of the church, with a gift from God. I am just here to help you as I can and serve you where I can.

Nakia Mast

With that if you have found this website helpfull with your walk with God and you feel to give back a gift you may send it to this Mailing Address below.

Peter Mast 

Email me: 


Peter Mast
Box 1040
Kinistino, SK

December 28, 2011
Sorry, I will not be able to do free dream interpretation by email at this time do in part to financial and time restrains but in the mean time you can join our monthly newsletter to stay in touch. My hope is bring this service back as soon a possible.
We do take dreams for interpretation to help you grow in the faith in the Lord and in return we need your support to cover the expenses. So please give as God leads you to give, we can not do this kind of work without your help and support. Your gift is greatly appreciated at this time

Our vision is to reach the lost with the hope in the Lord Jesus, and to strengthen all believers.