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Repent means to flee from sin and to run to God, who is there for us. If we fall into sin, we need get up, repent, and not live in sin. Who would want to live in sin and stay there? Not me. With sin in our lives, devils have a right to cause us much harm. Second, this act of wilful sinning removes the blessings of God from our lives, even if it is short lived and not pleasant. Wilful sinning removes the blessing here on earth and then in the Kingdom of God to come, after we are done here on earth.  I, along with others, fight against the nasty evil devils and spirits that plague people with disease and sickness. 

Do you know why the devils of sickness and disease are there? The devils say they have the legal right before God to be there because that particular person has unrepentant sin in their life.  Wilful sin is not covered by the blood of the Lamb and if you do not repent from it, that sin will harden your heart to believe a lie of sickness. Sin is like open doors, it wounds our souls, clouds our vision, and kills our bodies. Sin in our life is makes us fair game to the devils who want to torment us. We all need to choose who or what we will serve. I can serve a Holy God or sin, death, and the gates of devils. The Word says we cannot serve two master. We cannot serve God well, with wilful sin and the lies that goes with it. We have to stay holy, so that God, who is a Holy God will draw close to us. I can tell you His blessing are wonderful and vast. But there is a price to the blessings and having favour with God, and that price is that we flee from sin. 

If we sin, repent quietly, dust yourself off, and keep on going even if that be repenting a hundred times a week. It does take work to stay out of sin, and the devil has many traps laid in the way. God sees that and He can also see a heart that tries.  

Holiness not what, where, or how holy we sound to others. Holiness is a life in which the sin is covered by the blood of Jesus. This is what makes our life sinless, blameless, righteous, and holy before our Father God. Having the Holy Spirit in our life, helps us greatly to overcome sin. There are also many gifts that go with the Holy Spirit who is sent to those that believe. If you lack the Holy Spirit of God, the life, and the gifts that go with Him, then seek God and God will give. Sometimes you need to ask someone who has the Holy Spirit already, to pray for you by the laying on of hands and by the prayer of tongues. This can help your faith grow greatly, this is also the way by which I received the Holy Spirit of God.  

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What is Christian Holiness? The Holy Bible Says We Can
Can a Christian be holy and righteous?  The Bible says plainly we can be without sin before God, because it says that we are called to be holy and without sin.

If we are asked by God to sin no more, should we not at the very least try to obey His word? 

The Word, in the Holy Bible from God says again, in another spot, we can be holy, and need to be Holy, as God is Holy. Holiness starts with us asking God to covered us by the holy blood of the Lamb, who is Jesus, the Son of God. The holy blood of Jesus covers all sin, sin that we should turn from. First, we should repent from our heart for all our evil deeds.