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The water from the sea or ocean fed the beds for they were sort of part of the sea. I could not tell if it was fresh or salt water for it seemed like fresh water that was in the beds, but I knew that the sea was salty.  I found it strange. Now there was a man in the bed with a fish in his hand.  He was rubbing the leaves with the fish to the point where the fish was being worn away. 

I could tell he was after the oil in the fish.  He felt that I was a friend and that I needed to know how to do what he was doing and that he was going to train me to do it so. 

I grabbed a fish and started to rub the leaves that were under the water.  I had only done a little bit when I came a crossed two small white rectangle-shaped containers (like bowls) with no lids in the middle of one of the beds. In the bowls, there were two clear bags with ground meat sitting in the blood of the meat. One bag was in each container. 

When I saw this, I could tell that this was not good. So I opened the clear bags and poured the blood from both containers into the sea at the same time.  When I had poured out all the blood I could see the blood in the water going toward the ocean as if it was drifting that way. When it got to the tent wall, it went under the curtain wall for the curtain wall was above the water but just resting on it. Shortly after the blood went on to the other side of the curtain, I could tell there was great trouble coming. 

I could feel that from my heart and spirit. It made me a bit afraid.  I knew that a beast would soon come out of the sea, like sharks to blood. Then I could see something was pushing against the tent wall for it was shaking with a noise. Then I saw the backside of the large elephant  appear from the curtain wall.  The wall was opened and the elephant gave birth to a smaller elephant inside the tent. The baby elephant was about 6 feet tall and the adult elephant was very large, about 12 feet high. The adult elephant stayed outside of the tent this whole time.  Now the baby elephant that was birthed into the tent, went right away to the one that was showing me how to rub the fish on the leaves. The elephant walked quickly and shook the tent every time he hit a rope. It felt as if the whole thing would collapse on us when it shook. 

The man was putting up his arms as to try to keep the elephant away but the elephant walked right over him and killed the man with his feet.  Immediately, grief filled my heart for I felt that I was responsible for the death of this man. Then I heard more noise from the other side of the tent, it the was police or law of the island coming to kill me and to subdue the elephant. As they were trying to subdue the elephant, I slipped out the tent door. But I could not go undetected.  

They followed me and I could tell they were very angry. When I opened a closet door, I saw a woman in their standing looking towards me.  Then two more Spanish-looking women with dark skin found me behind the curtains. It was as if they were looking for me and I for them.  When they found me, they were very glad.  I was too. For I could tell they were sisters in Lord and believers in Jesus. Then one of them said, “You must hurry!”, so we all hurried into another room. The room was small like an outhouse.  The toilet was made out of wood.  It had a new lid and when we opened the lid, there was a hole. I knew then that this was my way out, but there was a secret to open up the hole.  I was very anxious because the police were at the door trying to break it down. 

Then the one that talked with me said, “Well done,”  as she put a coin in my hand. The coin was brass and it had the worth of a day’s wages. When I knew this, I did not want to keep the coin for I knew it cost them a lot. And they were very poor.  I knew it cost them a great price.  I wanted them to keep it, but the woman insisted as she pressed the coin firmly in my hand and said, “You did well and it was worth it to us what you did for us”. I knew I could not persuade her to keep it so I took it. Then she said, “It’s time to go.” 

Then somehow the hole  opened when I put my hand near the side of it. Then two more women came that were more like me (westerner). One of them had a white dress on. I knew then that they were also doing things on this island as I was, the only difference was that it appeared they had done this kind of thing before and  this hole was their way out as well. 

So then the three of us went into the hole and I found myself falling like I was in the bottomless pit.  I was falling and falling. I saw that the walls of the hole were lined with all sorts of technology and computer stuff. The hole had  branches off of it.  There were different holes, kind of like a ground squirrel would have. Then I asked the woman in the white dress,  “What do I do and how do I get out of here?”  She said, “Just take one of the other holes”. I thought to myself, “O.k. She must know,” so I took the next one that came along and when I did, I woke up.

When I woke up from this I prayed about it and wondered what it meant but belive I soon found out as I read the news that hurricane Jean hit Haiti. I know the elephant was the hurricane but I did not know what the leaves, the blood, and the rest meant at this time. 

I knew the island was Haiti. But when Helena a missionary to Haiti, spoke at our church at lot more made sense what the blood meant regarding human sacrifices, I believe the fish mean men of God with anointing oil in them being worn away trying to heal the thing that should heal the sick the  hearts, minds and bodies . 

I think the leaves should heal Haiti the nation. Somehow the people of Haiti are caught up in some sort of apparent witchcraft.  They are destroying the men of God and the lost are lost under this pretence of covering. I think the tent that is brown that appears to be humility but is only severe poverty and false humility that covers the country. 

They that are enemies of  the cross appear to be friends to teach their witchcraft. If you have any more insight into the dream, feel free to discern it.  Judge every spirit to see if it is true or false. It may make more sense to the ones that work and live in Haiti for the Lord Jesus. I pray the there be good fruit of love came out you all. 
I pray for Haiti that a blessing of oil of love may fall.

The meanings of fish in dreams most often mean people. 

I was in a dream and I found myself flying high up in the air as if I was being carried in the spirit.   When I looked down, I saw the outlines of a small island and  I came down to it. I was brought into a brown covered tent. The tent was large, kind of like a circus tent with the ropes hanging down on the inside to the poles holding the canvas up.

As I looked, there were water beds, like you would see rice growing in. When I looked inside to see what was in the water, I saw green leaves in the water. 
Dream of Blood Poured Out To The Sea