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I had my hand on the wheel. At first, I was just trying to turn the ship around. I soon realized that the ship was under a massive assault and attack. This disturbed me exceedingly. I started to see a hail of bullets going straight through my body. They were hitting me in the back and coming out of the front of me. The bullets were then hitting the control panel in front of me after passing through me. 

These bullets didn’t hurt though. It was like they went through my spirit only and could not hurt my body. I guess some would say it was as if I was a ghost and or a spirit that had no body at all. This as did not abode well with me and I felt that maybe I should do something besides being at the ship’s steering wheel. At this point, I started to run up and down the hallways of the ship to see where the other crew members were and to see if they could help fight in this battle, but I could not find them at their assigned defensive posts. It appeared as though they had abandoned their posts altogether. 

Then I had found some crew members hiding or bleeding, wounded from the shots. Most times I found them both hiding from the shells and wounded badly. Glass from the ship’s windows and wood from the doors were shuddering all around me by now because of the onslaught of the enemy fire. I was very frightened and discouraged with what surrounded me. This sight of such devastation and lack of commitment from the crew to help in this battle was very hard to understand at that moment. 

It seemed like a losing cause. Then just as I finished turning the steering wheel for the third time and had turned again to go back down the hallway, I realized a man was coming towards me. I was about halfway to the captain’s cabin door, when the man walking towards me had appeared instantly out of nowhere, as if he had come out of the very air itself. This man was decorated with many war pins that covered a good part of his green shirt. He was indeed the very Colonel Himself, of the whole war. 

There was an umbrella of peace that encircled around Him, it was about 10 to 12 feet in diameter. When this incredible umbrella of peace touched me, all my fears went away in an instant. And as this great peace came over me, it felt like the onslaught of bullets had ceased for a moment. As I looked upon the Colonel, I felt like I had utterly failed him and I felt a very great sorrow. I spoke and said “The enemy were shooting me through and many of the crew have fled.” Then He spoke and said, “I have asked you to keep your hands on the wheel and turn this ship around.” 

Then I remembered that when I had my hand on the wheel and was turning it, great peace like the peace that I was now in, came over me. But because of the distraction of the war and the bullets that went through me, I had become distracted. The Colonel then calmly spoke, “Look out the window in front of you, and what do you see?” So I looked out the window for the first time and I saw that the front of the ship was well onto a shoreline, but because the ship was so large I was not sure how far away it was from being grounded. I also notice that it was an island beach of some sort and there was jungle-like vegetation on the island. 

Also I could see a small red and white lifeboat, it was very clean and sturdy. It had a long rope that was  connected to the front of the massive battleship that I was to be steering. The lifeboat was far onto the land and deep into the jungle itself. I said “I see a red and white lifeboat out there.” Then the Colonel spoke again and said, “Always keep your eyes on that lifeboat and never let it get out of your sight.” I understood that the lifeboat would lead the way. When the Colonel spoke these words to me, I understood that I had a very important job with great responsibilities. 

The meaning of this dream- 
We must always keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, our saving life. We should always have Him lead the way and we should do our responsibilities even if we feel like we have been abandoned and no one fights with us. As Christians, we fight for the cause of Christ in this type of spiritual warfare through prayer against the devil and those that serve him. 

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Battleship Spiritual Warfare 
I found myself as a captain and I was standing at the steering wheel of a massive battleship. My thoughts went back to previous times in dreams and in the spirit where I’d seen war at sea with the mighty ships of the Lord. 

We had to fight the very darkness itself to get the ships moving, these were some exciting experiences that I had. 

Now I found myself here at the steering wheel of a beautiful, massive, metal battleship. The nose of the ship was shaped like that of a modern aircraft carrier. 
I then ran back to my post at the steering wheel. I corrected the ship to the turn sharply left again for it was now going off course. 

For in the time I had left the wheel to run down the hallways, the steering wheel turned straight again to the way of least resistance. I did this a couple times and each time I would get the wheel correctly turned, I would leave it again and run back down the hallway to try to encourage the people to fight back. And each time, the wheel would turn back to the way of least resistance.

Life Boat