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I would seek God about the things that where going on in my life, and I would get more dreams and angels would appear more often.  There are two Angels that I see most often, I believe they are the ones that God sends to look after may care. I don’t just see Angels or demons when I wound to. There are time that I don’t see them for months at a time. Then there are time that I will see them every night for three or four days. 

I have never seen an angle with wings but I have seen them fly and they have been made to make me to fly.  Some times they carry what looks like a note pad in hand.

Demons or Devils

Seeing a devil in a dream on the other hand can be disturbing, they can cause much fear and torment.

What to do with demons or devils in dreams or in real life for that matter? They do cause no small mental anguish and can cause are physical bodies many types of pains or sicknesses. What I have found is that when I am seeking God intently the more demons  and angle will appear more often. If you bare with me a moment because this is not religious monkey business it could save yourself a life a lot of pain. I do not no any other way to fight devils, than by Jesus, with the authority that he carers in His blood, in His name and with the love he has for us. 

  • A example; of the power of the name of Jesus and how it would fight devils in dreams. His power is not limited to dream only.

  •  My wife Joyann woke me up around 2:00 AM. She said "I heard footsteps out side the window its not animal but sounds like human footstep". Now we live in the country. So if it was a person it would come in a car and I would hear it come in the drive way. So I did not think it was anything of importants. So I calmly said "what do you wont me to do about it?" I went back to sleep because I hear nothing myself. At about 3:00AM I was dreaming nicely, then all of a sudden a demon sprit of hell flew up to me and started to chock and grabe me by the throat.

I calmly, but boldly comanded the demon to leave in the name of Jesus, the devil let go of my neck before I had even finished speeking. Then a moment later the devil came right back and grabed my neck harder than the first time. Again I comanded the devil to leave but with a bit more power in my voice. It let go of my neck, few away and did not return. I then said as I walk up a few more times in the name and in the blood of Jesus for the devil to leave and not return (something like that). My wife hear me speek and asked if everything was alright. I said that it was the demon, that was outside the window that she heard a hour earlier. I was fine and went right back to sleep.

We need to resist those demons by that authority that is in Jesus ,the Christ, the son of God the living and one true God. Jesus has full power over all then demons and has given men/ and women  the power over all devils also. When we receive Jesus and believe in him with our full heart, that he is the Lord of power and his ways are righteousness.

When we have dreams demons like this, we are seeing things that are spiritual. Many Saints have seen spiritual things in dreams.  Job had seen horrors, in his sleep, body, family, and his wealth, it all came from the devil when the hedge of God's protection was removed.

The things that can not be seen clear today, will one day be very clear. In the Lord's prayer it says, "lead us not into temptation," that means into sin, that leads in the long run to death. The devils temp us to sin, not God. Sin opens doors to the demons,  and demons in turn afflict our bodies, minds, our sleep.....you name it. We need to stay out of sin to start with. We need  the gift of the blood of Jesus to cover that sin in our life.  It is only His blood that covers because He had no sin. 

The the next part says, "but deliver us from evil (or evil one)."  If devils find a way to us we need to go to the Father (God) to be delivered if we are inslaved to a demon or demons. The answer lays at the beginning of the verse, it says, "When you pray, say Our Father which art in heaven",...  We have to go back to God to be free once again. 

You can find that in Luke 11:2  On the other side of the coin there are many blessings in this life and the life to come, for those that chose to walk close to God without sin in their life. They will need to do their very best. They will need the Holy Ghost and the Lamb, Jesus.

When I was a youth 12 or 13 years old God found me. The reason that I say that he found me because I did not know there was a God even though I had gone to Church, I found Church very boring to the point that I was rolling in my skin in the pew. One day God just came to my heart, like he just touched  my heart with his finger, and I wept a very long time with the presence of God’s love for me. 

The next day I remember that I was just sitting on this fence. I was like thinking and talking to God saying, “so I guess there really is a God out there, you are real, Jesus is real. Now I have felt you greater than a good friend ever could, no doubt like a great loving father.” I did not no the Bible at that time (because I could not read very good). But I did fell God and still do. Maybe not strong felling all the time, but in generally when I look for him he comes with that warmth. It is this love that pushes back the fears of demons.

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Meaning of Angels and demons in Dreams
What is the meaning of Angels in our dreams and visions. Visions are seeing Angels in daytime with my eyes open? I truly believe God sends them in our dreams to make clear questions that we have.
I speak from my personal experience only, but there are others that do see Angels and demon. When I have seen angels they are in robes to the feet. The colors of their clothing vary but most often they are white.This one angel of great authority, his clothes were a rusty red color and looked like woven wool.  I  started to see angels more, when I would be seeking God from my heart, sometimes with much sorrow and tears. I started to really seek God when  I was is my late teens and learned how to pray, and have faith that they where there.