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As I started to go, an Angel of God started to speak behind me and said, “You should not be doing that!” The Angel was tall and was dressed in white robes that came down to his feet. I had started to relieve myself and I did not know how to stop.

At the same time as the Angel spoke, I could hear a brother who was very angry and was very upset with me for urinating on his chaff for it was his food but to me it was worthless chaff.

After I had finished, I realised the brother would not be comforted and then I knew I’d  have to clean the mess up.  So I took a bucket and scooped up as much of the urinated chaff as I could and took it outside. I knew that it would be of absolutely no value, but I did not even know what to do with it. I felt that I would have to bare the consequence of my action.

The Meaning of this Dream

This dream was fulfilled that same morning. God was giving me a warning to not defile with my words what someone else finds of value or food for their soul. 

  • Grain means; words; the food, fruit, grain from God.

  • The old grain chaff means; words of other men and not direct from God. 

  • The meaning of Doctors of the law in a dream; the church leadership of a fellowship, elders, preachers, teachers.

  • White Robes in dream meanings: rightesness, Holy, no sin,

The words of people, preachers, and teachers keep people encouraged, or in other wise keep their spiritual life alive. But they are like chaff compared to the personal words of God.

Chaff will not make them fat or in other words make them  to have a full blessing.  Words that would be a symbol of pure grain, in this dream, would be words from God. The blessing of hearing from God is the fat.  People prefer hearing from peachers more than hearing from God Himself. 

The meaning of the old grain chaff in this dream that was stuck to the grain bin wall meant; that the person was listening to preachers on old tapes of the past. 

They would listen to the same tapes over, and over again. They would try to get more food, for the soul, from the tapes instead of getting on their face before God in prayer, to hear the word, food, fruit, grain from God. To get that kind word from  God does not come as easy as just throwing in a tape of a good sermon. 

I am not against listening to preachers on tapes or CD's, they just don't compare to a direct word from God. This person became very angry with me when I shared this with them. I felt that I could not stop from telling them this truth. And when I did, I was to them as if I was urinating on the words of the preacher on the tapes they were listening to.The Angel that God sent to warn me in the dream, meant that I should have been vary careful with my words that day.  And just as in the dream with the chaff that I had ruined, there was damage that could not be repaired. The person had a lot of clout with the church leadership (the doctors of the law), and they told some of them what I had said. 

That in turn got me pegged with a list of evils, that caused me and my family no small pain.  Much of the pain could have been avoided, if I would have heeded the warning from the angel that was sent from the Lord.  

{Note: Jesus is the way back to God to hear from him. Sin and evil being in the way between man and God. His blood that is Holy and the price that it cost him makes the way back to God for thous that call on him, Jesus to take away that evil. The blood of Jesus covers the evil of ours that would be other wise in the way. That is way he said he was the way, the truth and the life.}

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Angel Of God Dressed in White Robes: Chaff Dream Meanings
The meaning of the dream is after the dream.

This is the dream. I was in a house where the doctors of the law were and I had to go to the bathroom (pee.) As I was looking for the door that went to a bathroom, I opened a cupboard  door.  As I looked in, it was like a storage room I saw a small pile of fresh chaff and around the outside edge of the room I could see old grain chaff that was stuck to the sides of the grain bin wall.

 It looked like, when the fresh stuff would run out, they would chip some more off the old chaff that was on the wall for their food.  I thought that this chaff wasn’t any good anyway, and that I would just urinate on this stuff because I had to go badly.